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Who are we?


We are a young, small company with big ambitions to bring practical tools for the home environment and body care back into the household. We have gathered long-term experience from various countries and we want to share that experience with our customers. We want to help you discover and teach you how to use baking soda in over 101 situations. We have packaged it in a convenient package for storage and use. For our products, we have chosen the oldest raw material producer in Europe, which produces baking soda according to old traditions, in compliance with the highest quality standards.

About baking soda

Baking soda was used by the ancient Egyptians in various of ways – to draw hieroglyphs, brush teeth, treat wounds. Today, the applications of baking soda are wide and varied – for food and beverage preparation, home care and surface cleaning, mouth and body care. Baking soda solutions are perfect for body hygiene care, air fresheners and even for therapeutic purposes. In America, bicarbonate of soda, or baking soda, is registered as an environmentally safe biopesticide. Separate books are published in Germany with detailed ways of using soda. Every year, the use of baking soda in household and home conditions is growing, as consumers are convinced that it is a safe, effective and non-aggressive tool at a reasonable price.

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MB “Mikromodulis”
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VAT code:  LT590043515
Address:  Žaslių 14/Trumpoji 2, Žiežmariai, Kaišiadorių r. Lithuania
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