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Where can Soda™ products be purchased?
Soda™ can be purchased in all Maxima, Norfos, IKI, Rimi, Promo, and Čia chain stores in the country, as well as in Šilo stores in Kaunas, in the Urmas shopping center, and online on


Do you taste or smell baking soda when used in cooking?

If you follow the amount specified in the recipes, you will not feel either the taste or the smell of baking soda.

Does the product contain gluten?


Is it suitable for vegans and vegetarians?



Does baking soda harden or clump together in the package over time?
No, the unique production technology and tight packaging do not allow the baking soda to harden.
Where is soda made?

Our raw material is supplied by Europe’s largest and oldest soda producer.

Why should you choose our products?

The product is of high quality, tightly packed. Since baking soda is an active absorbent, it attracts environmental odors and moisture, so airtight packaging is very important.

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